Welcome to the Gimlet universe!

Gimlet will get you a developer platform on top of Kubernetes.

It is built on the de-facto tools of the ecosystem - Helm and Flux - and provides you with a paved path, a set of best-practices, so you can focus on your task at hand. Without having to navigate the vast options the cloud native ecosystem offers you.


Step-by-step guides to set up Gimlet in your environment.

Core Concepts

Key topics and concepts at a fairly high level that provide useful information and explanation when you are starting out.

Manifest reference

A comprehensive list of all the options you have to configure your service for deployment.

Getting help

We are committed to community support even when it is not strictly about Gimlet.

Be that Gimlet, containers or cloud related, we are here to help. Join our community Discord.

Supporting Gimlet

Github stars may be a silly metric, but it opens doors for us in the ecosystem. Hop over to Github and give us a star if you like what we do.