The Kubernetes Application Manager
for developers

Best in class UI and automation for the common Kubernetes workflows. So your Platform Team can focus on the special glue.

Helping developers

Eases developer's learning curve

Kubernetes is not easy on devs. Your tooling should help developers throughout the application lifecycle. On the first day, on any day.

  • Deploy new services quickly

    Skip the boilerplate, the walls of yaml, and deploy services following the hard earned company best practices. Even if you are new to Kubernetes.

  • Application centric UI

    The Gimlet UI is focused on a single git repository, a single application, where you can follow realtime events in Kubernetes, catch errors, or deploy any of your git commits.

  • Rollback tooling

    Pick a previously deployed version from the audit log and rollback to it on the UI.

  • Information where it matters

    Gimlet gathers the required information for application operation. Have a pod in CrashLoopBackOff? Gimlet gathers the logs and puts in front of you whether on the UI, or on Slack.

Helping tool makers

Readymade automation every company needs

The Kubernetes ecosystem comes with nice building blocks and the promise that you can build your internal platform. But you need glue, lots of glue. Let us help with the common tooling.

  • QA environment per feature branch

    Feature branches on their own subdomains. With branch patterns and cleanup policy.

  • Environment promotion logic

    Notion of your environments and the process to promote your builds through them. From Staging to Production.

  • Rollback and Roll Anywhere tooling

    Process and UI tooling to promote any git version to any environment and an audit log to rollback to any previous revision.

  • Slack notifications

    Deployment notifications and deployment related errors and logs where they are most visible.

Helping tool makers

While you retain control

People chose the Kubernetes ecosystem to be in charge of their infrastructure. Gimlet won't work against you.

  • Built on popular open-source projects

    Built on Helm and FluxCD with glue, lots of glue.

  • Clearcut integration points

    The gitops repository has all the state. And we document every automation we provide and expose intermediate state in the gitops repo should you need to extend the logic.

  • It's GitOps

    Gitops allows us to be fully transparent in what Gimlet does. Also lowers your lock-in risk.

Helping managers

Day-2 capabilities, lower TCO

In-house tooling is great, it does exactly what you need. However day-2 considerations often fall off the roadmap.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Thanks to the gitops approach, all application and environment configuration is versioned. Should you need to rebuild a whole environment, just point kubectl at the gitops repo.

  • Compliance

    You need better controls in your software supply chain? Gimlet can enforce signed commits and compliance rules.

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