The Flux-based Internal Developer Platform

Gitops-based deployment tooling, service catalog and a curated stack of open-source components. Turnkey solution for startups and medium-sized businesses to run applications on Kubernetes, easing the load on platform builders and developers alike. And your wallet.

Gimlet in 90 seconds

Self-host Quickstart

# Install Gimlet on any Kubernetes cluster.

# Even on a cluster running on your laptop (we recommend using k3d).

# Install with:

kubectl apply -f

# Or start deploying your applications on Gimlet Cloud. (See the pricing)

# We have a free tier that won't make you think every corner.

Why Gimlet?

Do more with your platform building effort

Building a platform with cloud native tools is a broad and costly exercise.

Requires the most skilled engineers,
who own vast amounts of institutional knowledge and often legacy systems that do not get talked about. They are spread thin.
The scope is broad.
The State of Platform Engineering Report Volume 2 found what we also see in teams: platform engineering has to cover a lot. CD is just a fraction of the job, and we believe it can be standardized.
What if you could focus?
With using Gimlet, platform engineering is freed up to focus on your compliance project, your security initiative and ultimately, on your special sauce.
Excerpt from the State of Platform Engineering Report Volume 2

Batteries included

Neither FluxCD, ArgoCD or Backstage is a platform. They are building blocks that platform builders have to stitch together. Gimlet did the work for you.

Gitops-based deployment workflows.
Deploy, rollback, secret handling, manifest authoring.
Fleet management.
Update all app manifests with the latest compliance needs. Update infrastructure components on all clusters with the latest security patch.
A curated stack of open-source components.
We put together the most common permutations of cloud native tools. We issue updates on a schedule.
Troubleshooting aid.
Get notified when an app is crashing, with context-aware fix suggestions.

Speaks developer

Gimlet is not an inventory of Kubernetes resources: Pods, Ingresses, and ConfigMaps. You focus on your source code and pull requests.

Navigate your code.
You see one git repository at a time so you can focus on your commits and pull requests.
Know what is deployed,
when and by whom.
Well known deployment actions.
Deploy, rollback and preview deploys.

Gitops promises delivered

Gitops was supposed to give us an audit log. But all we got is manually cross-referencing technical commits between many repos. Gimlet pulled this together.

A green CI means a successful deploy again.
What Flux and ArgoCD broke, Gimlet patched back together. A green CI build means a successful deploy again.
Promotions, rollbacks
- check.
Smoke tests?
We have lifecycle hooks for that.

We have amazing users

“Few tools feel like they have changed the way you approach something so fundamentally like Gimlet. Gimlet introduced us to the world of Gitops which we love. It's easy and user friendly to get started. The documentation is solid and easy to follow something we highly appreciate in any tool”

Louis Scheepers
CTO at CubeZoo

“As a developer, I found that Gimlet significantly lowered the barrier to entry for using Kubernetes by adopting an opinionated approach. I can now easily create and deploy Kubernetes clusters in a reproducible manner.”

Linas Zdanavičius
CTO at

“Thanks to Gimlet we were able to unify and automate the deployment of hundreds of deep learning models as part of our MLOps stack. Instead of spending time to oversee their deployment process, we can focus on developing Large Language Models and making the actual impact for our clients.”

Pawel Darulewski
Machine Learning Engineer at

“I have really enjoyed using Gimlet and I miss it in my new work. I found that having all service deployments in the same place gives a better overview and also more control of the services. The UI is easy to use and you can easily change the configuration. It really speeds up the otherwise slow feedback loop.”

Ida Riis Jensen
Data Scientist @ ADC

“A key benefit is that Gimlet automates the trivial tasks, while still giving you full access to the underlying Kubernetes infrastructure when needed. Even without a lot of prior Kubernetes knowledge, I could quickly get started developing and deploying services, while learning about the underlying bits and pieces in smaller steps, as they became relevant. The Web UI is really useful for getting a quick overview of the deployment state of a service. It is also very convenient in the rare case where you need to roll something back, and you don't have time to fiddle with command line tools.”

Mads Sejersen
Lead Software Engineer hos

“Time spent working on cloud infrastructure is reduced a lot! With Gimlet, many things are ready out of the box. It integrates nicely with Grafana and Prometheus, so observability is on point. The Gimlet team are experts in k8s and support is always swift.”

Tobias Slott Jensen
MLOps Engineer at Veo Technologies

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