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Welcome to the Gimlet universe!

Gimlet is a set of tools that will get you an application operations platform on top of Kubernetes.

It is built on the de-facto tools of the ecosystem - Helm and Flux - and provides you with a golden-path, a set of best-practices, so you can focus on your task at hand. Without having to navigate the vast options the cloud native ecosystem offers you.

GimletCLI used from CI

Where to start

  • Concepts discuss key topics and concepts at a fairly high level and provide useful background information and explanation when you are starting out.

  • Tutorials take you through a series of steps to deploy your application on Kubernetes. Start here if you’re new to Gimlet or the Kubernetes ecosystem

  • How-to guides are recipes. They guide you through the steps involved in addressing key problems and use-cases. They are more advanced than tutorials and assume some knowledge of how Gimlet works.

  • Reference guides contain technical reference for APIs and other aspects of Gimlet's machinery. They describe how it works and how to use it but assume that you have a basic understanding of key concepts.