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Adopting Kubernetes is a big endevaur. But it is the deployment platform today.

As little, or as much Kubernetes as you want.

With Gimlet, you can start with one-click-deploys then stair-step your way to a gitops based application delivery platform when you need to. Gimlet features the best of open-source out of the box.

# Install Gimlet on any Kubernetes cluster.

# Even on a cluster running on your laptop (we recommend using k3d).

# Install with:

kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gimlet-io/gimlet/main/deploy/gimlet.yaml

# Or start deploying your applications on our hosted version. (SaaS Pricing)

# We have a free tier that won't make you think every corner.

Focus on your commits

Gimlet is not an inventory of Kubernetes resources: Pods, Igresses, and ConfigMaps. You focus on your source code.

Navigate your commits.
You see one git repository at a time so you can focus on your commits.
Know what is deployed,
when and by whom.
Well known deployment actions:
deploy, rollback and preview deploys.
Product screenshot

Gitops promises delivered

Gitops was supposed to give us an auditlog. But all we got is manually cross-referencing technical commits between many repos. Gimlet pulled this together.

A green CI means a successful deploy again.
What Flux and ArgoCD broke, Gimlet patched back together. A green CI build means a successfull deploy again.
Promotions, rollbacks
- check.
Smoke tests?
We have lifecycle hooks for that.
Product screenshot
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