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Laszlo Fogas
Laszlo Fogas

Kubernetes has become the de-facto deployment platform and there are cheap options you can consider for hosting your personal projects.

To match the simplicity of managed Kubernetes providers like CIVO, Digital Ocean or Linode, and discount VPS providers like Hetzner, our aim with our free plan is to not make you think!

We announce free, unlimited use of Gimlet's SaaS for your personal projects.

Free, unlimited use for personal projects

There is always a catch in SaaS pricing. We wanted to avoid this at all costs when we constructed Gimlet's pricing plans.

Our plans scale based on usage, based on how many services you deploy. But where should we draw the line for our free plan? One service, or ten?

Instead of putting complicated rules in place, we decided that we make Gimlet Cloud free for individuals who deploy non-commercial or personal projects.

Free, unlimited use for non-profits

Furthermore, non-profits can also benefit from our free, unlimited use plan.

In doubt?

If you are not sure if your project fits our free plan, email us at laszlo at gimlet.io to clarify.

And remember, you can self-host Gimlet even if you don't fit into our free plan.

Sign up

You can sign up to Gimlet Cloud on this page.

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