Building your developer platform on Kubernetes takes time and focused DevOps work.

Our products give you DevOps capabilities on day one. Our consulting services support you every day.

So you truly benefit from K8s and the Cloud.

Gimlet allowed us to scale to multiple agile teams with no DevOps on staff. Yet, we’ve had stellar developer tooling and prompt support that I’ve only previously experienced with an in-house DevOps team.

Andrew Dahl
Chief Product Officer,

We got a Kubernetes setup very quickly 🎉
... backed by a responsive and knowledgeable support that is also patient enough to explain everything.

Pavel Kučera
Developer / Ops, TwentyThree

We needed observability on our platform and the Gimlet team was able to that in the matter of days.
Nowdays, they are giving us a peace of mind about all things related to cloud infrastructure, for a flat fee.

Dennis Green-Lieber
Head of Product, Neurons Inc

What is in the budget?

Chat + Video support Ping us on your Slack, we jump on a call if higher fidelity is needed.
Developer tooling Deployment, Rollback, Notifications, Promotions, Feature deploys
CI Our goal is to limit the glue, keep CI dumb
Self-Hosted services Executing your buy vs build strategy, self-hosting Grafana, Prometheus, Loki
Cloud Plumbing Network, Security, IAM. All as code
SRE Best-effort
Adhoc tasks Changing domains? Confused about Cloud offerings? There is room for it.

Ready to dive in? Packages start at EUR 1000 a month

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