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Prometheus monitoring rules

This page shows how you can add a PrometheusRule to your app deployment.

This is a feature only supported by the kube-stack-prometheus stack (formerly known as the Prometheus Operator)

The following Prometheus rule alerts if a pod is crash-looping:

# values.yaml
repository: nginx
tag: 1.19.3

- name: KubePodCrashLooping
message: "Pod {{`{{`}} $labels.namespace {{`}}`}}/{{`{{`}} $labels.pod {{`}}`}} ({{`{{`}} $labels.container {{`}}`}}) is restarting {{`{{`}} printf \"%.2f\" $value {{`}}`}} times / 5 minutes."
expression: "rate(kube_pod_container_status_restarts_total{job=\"kube-state-metrics\", namespace=~\"{{ $targetNamespace }}\"}[15m]) * 60 * 5 > 0"
for: 1h
severity: critical

helm template my-release onechart/onechart -f values.yaml