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You can set a Kubernetes Readiness probe that determines whether your app is healthy and if it should receive traffic.

Enable it with:

enabled: false
path: "/"

Check the Kubernetes manifest:

cat << EOF > values.yaml
enabled: false
path: "/"

helm template my-release onechart/onechart -f values.yaml


You can further tune the frequency and thresholds of the probe with:

enabled: false
path: "/"
initialDelaySeconds: 0
periodSeconds: 10
successThreshold: 1
timeoutSeconds: 3
failureThreshold: 3
Setting Description
initialDelaySeconds Number of seconds after the container has started before the probes is initiated
periodSeconds How often (in seconds) to perform the probe
successThreshold Minimum consecutive successes for the probe to be considered successful after having failed
timeoutSeconds Number of seconds after which the probe times out
failureThreshold When a probe fails, Kubernetes will tries this many times before giving up. Giving up the pod will be marked Unready and won't get any traffic