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Feature branch deploys

Feature branch deploys is a templating question:

  • Names should be unique to avoid collision between application instances
  • Names should follow some convention
  • It's driven by CI, and git branch name is a typical input parameter

Avoiding name collisions

With OneChart, you can drive the naming of most resources by setting a unique release name. Release name is unique in Helm too, so it makes it a good tool to drive resource names.

One good practice can be to add a -$BRANCH suffix to the feature branch instance:

helm template my-release-my-branch onechart/onechart -f values.yaml

Avoiding domain name collision

The release name will make all Kubernetes objects unique, but the domain name configuration remains static:

cat << EOF > values.yaml
repository: nginx
tag: 1.19.3

annotations: nginx

helm template my-release-my-branch onechart/onechart -f values.yaml

The name should also be dynamic to avoid the collision:

helm template my-release-my-branch onechart/onechart\
-f values.yaml \

To see how to manage feature environments effectively read Preview environments with Gimlet